Outsorcing Software Development



Are you thinking about outsourcing a software development project? There are

usually 3 big concerns companies deal with when they hand a software project

to freelancer or outsourcer.

1 - Deliverability

2 - Time-frame

3 - Price

Can a potential outsourcer make the product you have in your mind work the

way you want it to? In other words, can they deliver what you are looking for?

Will they be able to meet your time-frame requirements? Price should not be a

primary concern, but even the largest companies in the world have a budget

they have to stick to.

E-book language: EN

Format: PDF

The price of the book includes 2 downloads.

Access to the file by 30 days from the date of purchase.

Important: The e-book cannot be returned or refunded. If you are not sure if you want this e-book, please send us a pre-purchase inquiry, we will send you a book sample.

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